Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Open Season on Conservative Christians

Since the political entrance of Republican Vice-Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, the liberal media and leftist, Hollywood elitists have intensified their smear campaign. It's a scorched earth policy that entails, not just trying to destroy and undermine conservative ideology, but traditional Christian beliefs as well. It's driving the liberals absolutely nuts that there is a Bible-believing, pro-life, pro-traditional family, pro-Second Amendment woman running for a high office. It's their worst nightmare - that is, the conservative church movement, the religious right, and evangelicals are alive and well and have been waiting for the right candidate to support and promote their own Christian worldview. Sarah Palin represents a restraining force to the unbridled secularism and crazy liberal drift that our country has been experiencing. The devil does not like the fact that their is a Bible-believing, God-fearing, Jesus following woman that could ultimately influence our country for many years to come. Christians, be alert and sober...stand firm...the Enemy of our souls is going to launch an unprecedented attack on Christians in America. You can see the demonizing of believers and Christian discrimination taking place even now. Pray for wisdom and strength. (Tom Pedigo. Executive Director for the National Alliance Against Christian Discrimination. September 2008.)