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Hollywood Issues:

"The bottom line is not money but some sort of demonic compulsion that drives these people to lash out against Jesus Christ, against Christians, and against anyone who holds to a sincere belief in God, in spite of the fact that it is going to cost them tens of millions of dollars to do it. They are driven to 'make a statement' regardless of the consequences." (Michael Medved. Hollywood vs. America: Popular Culture and the War on Traditional Values. 1992)

"The film The Last Temptation of Christ, no matter what its defenders say, was a slap in the face to Christians everywhere." (Mickey Rooney. Actor and Hollywood star)

"For many of the most powerful people in the entertainment business, hostility to organized religion goes so deep and burns so intensely that they insist on expressing that hostility, even at the risk of financial disaster." (p. 64. Hollywood vs. America. Michael Medved. 1992.)

"The movie industry has ignored the success of films that look favorably on faith with the same sort of self-destructive stubbornness that has led to its continued sponsorship of antireligious-message movies." (p. 76. Medved. Ibid.)

"The distortions and insults about organized religion will continue unabated as long as our popular culture continues its overall campaign against judgment and values. A war against standards leads logically and inevitably to hostility to religion because it is religious faith that provides the ultimate basis for all standards." (p. 89. Medved. Ibid.)

"Asking Hollywood to begin to show some restraint and balance in its antireligious fury is not the same as suggesting that the industry must transform itself into an agency for advancing the Word of God." (p. 90. Medved. Ibid.)

"Hollywood's persistent hostility to religious values is not just peculiar, it is positively pathological." (p. 71. Medved. Ibid.)

"The sad fact is that today homosexual activists have far more clout with Hollywood than do conservative Christians." (Joseph Farah. Anti-Christian Bigotry in Hollywood. p. 12)

"TV is the new religion. Television exerts a cultural influence at least as profound as Christianity and is pervasive in shaping our values." (George Gerbner. Dean of the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of PA.

"Robert Hilferty's film, Stop the Church, won an award for the 'Best Commentary' at the Ann Arbor Film Festival. Mr. Hilferty is a member of Act-Up, the AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power. This film is filled with epitaphs against the Roman Catholic Church because of its position on homosexuality. The church is described as hypocritical and filled with hate. One man on the film states that the 'Catholic church is an archaic, anachronistic, futilist leftover which practices ritual sacrifice on the bodies of gay men, lesbians, women, and people of color.'" (Scenes from the Documentary PBS Yanked, Washington Post, Aug. 14, '91 at C-1.)

"In their book, Watching America, the Lichters and Rothman turned to Hollywood and interviewed the writers and producers of prime-time entertainment. They discovered: 75% place themselves on the left politically; 97% are pro-choice; 80% believe homosexuality is morally acceptable; and only 7% attend any sort of religious service regularly." (Chuck Colson. A Dance with Deception. p. 18)

"The majority of secular films are antichrist, as evidenced by their use of profanity, their consistent negative portrayal of Christians – especially ministers – and their obvious rejection of the ethics that Christ taught." (David Mains. The Rise of the Religion of Antichristism. p. 38)

"It is no coincidence that Hollywood, which routinely ridicules or marginalizes Christianity, donates heavily to organizations like the ACLU or People for the American Way." (Robert H. Knight. The Age of Consent. p. xvii)

"Christians are the only group Hollywood can offend with impunity, the only creed it actually goes out of its way to insult. Clerics, from fundamentalists preachers to Catholic monks, are routinely represented as hypocrites, hucksters, sadists, and lechers. The tenets of Christianity are regularly held up to ridicule." (Don Feder. A Jewish Conservative Looks at Pagan America.)

"No other group is so consistently maligned on prime-time television (than traditional Christians). These defamatory portrayals betray a deep-seated hostility." (Don Feder. A Jewish Conservative. P. 134.)

"Hostility within CBS to 'Christy's' openly Christian message made the difference in the decision to cancel, (Ken) Wales (the producer) told a conference on Religion and Prime Time Television in June 1995." (Robert H. Knight. The Age of Consent. p. 112)

"It is far easier to get a film made about a demonic Christian than to get one made about a sane Christian." (Robert Knight. Ibid. p. 131)

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