National Alliance Against Christian Discrimination
"Protecting and Promoting the Christian Faith and Our Religious Heritage."

Legal Issues:

"The ACLU is not just religiously neutral, but staunchly anti-religious. Particularly, anti-Christian ." (p. 150. ACLU: The Devil's Advocate. F. LaGard Smith. 1996.)

"If there is anything that the ACLU hates more than censorship, it is any form of public religious expression." (p. 154. F. LaGard Smith. Ibid.)

"There can be no doubt about it: In the eyes of the American Civil Liberties Union, religious free speech is but a bastard child of the Bill of Rights." (p. 155. F. LaGard Smith. Ibid.)

"The Founders never intended to separate Christianity from government, only to keep a single denomination from running the nation. (p. 119. America: To Pray or Not to Pray. David Barton. 1991)

"Today the separation of church and state in America is used to silence the church…The way the concept is used today is totally reversed from the original intent…It is used today as a false political dictum in order to restrict the influence of Christian ideas…To have suggested the state separated from religion and religious influence would have amazed the Founding Fathers." (p. 36. A Christian Manifesto. Francis Schaeffer. 1981.)

"One sees a trend in our political and legal cultures toward treating religious beliefs as arbitrary and unimportant, a trend supported by a rhetoric that implies that there is something wrong with religious devotion." (p. 6. Carter. Ibid.)

"Our legal and political culture has created a bias in the law that borders on censorship against reading, displaying, or quoting the Bible."" (p. 43. Reed. Politically Incorrect.)

"A judge (in Shreveport, LA) found it constitutionally intolerable that Louisiana should interject 'religious beliefs and moral judgments into teaching.'" (p. 163. Murchison. Ibid.)

"A Mississippi gay man filed suit in federal court against the Oxford University Press demanding both $45 million in damages and the immediate deletion of all scripture verses describing homosexuality as sinful. 'The Bible abused and oppressed me,' claims Ford, 'when it said homosexuality is a sin, because I was born a homosexual.'" (p. 12. San Francisco Sentinel. Oct. 5, 1994.)

"It's time to resist efforts of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) who have conducted a religious lobotomy on this country, seeking to strip it of any vestige of religious influence." (Cal Thomas)

"The ACLU have become crusaders for a religious wasteland." (p. 112. Schools: They Haven't God A Prayer. Lynn Buzzard. 1982.)

"There can be no doubt that the systematic hostility of the courts to religion has lowered the prestige of religion in the public mind." (p. 290. Bork. Ibid.)

"Ironically, when the Court upheld the use of a creche in Lynch, it had been government-owned; yet the creche forbidden in this case (Allegheny County v. Pittsburgh ACLU, 1989) had been privately owned." (David Barton. Original Intent. p. 180)

"We can avoid legislating a particular religion, but we can't avoid legislating morality. All laws, by their very nature, declare one behavior to be right and another to be wrong." (Legislating Morality . Ibid. p. 42)

"My Primary hero (in helping 'substantially to make the nation into a secular society') is the United States Supreme Court." (Paul Blanshard. The Humanist. Mar./Apr. 1976.)

"Our legal system is less Christian than it used to be. That is, the system's orientation, its vision of what law is and what separates good law from bad, is more at odds with a Christian view of the world than once was the case." (William J. Stuntz. The Christian and American Law. p. 225)

"Over the course of the past two generations, there has been a gradual shift in the way in which legal theory approaches both rights and equality, a shift toward greater individualism…It is also, in my view, hostile to Christian principles." (Stuntz. Ibid. p. 225)

"The church grew in the catacombs; and Christianity flourishes, of all places, in Poland, a Communist state. If we can't handle the Supreme Court and People for the American Way, perhaps we do not deserve to survive." (William F. Buckley, Jr. Transforming Our World. p. 35)

"Christian lawyers and judges can lead us back to Judeo-Christian principles with as much enthusiasm as the ACLU has shown in leading us away from them." (Bill Bright. Kingdoms at War. p. 152)

"The radical separation of law and religion in contemporary American thought creates a serious danger for religion – namely, the danger that it will be viewed as a wholly private, personal, psychological matter, without any social or historical dimensions." (Harold J. Bernman. Harvard University Law School professor emeritus. Faith and Order. 1993.)

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