Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New York Post Article

"Nothing in recent memory has driven home the divide between our self-appointed aristocracy and 'commoners' as sharply as the intelligentsia's rush to mock Gov. Sarah Palin's religious faith...the root of the left's dread of this happily married mother of five seems to be that she actually believes in God: How could anyone be that stupid?...Washington fears faith - even nominal believers inside the Beltway have been shaped by secular educations and secular caste values. Passionate faith is regarded as an embarrassment....Believers are mocked (if not too publicly at election time)...I disagree with Palin on a number of issues. But I believe in fairness. And I believe in freedom of religion for all who do not attempt to force their faith on others...but I can't accept the snotty condiscension of those who assume that faith is for dopes...I watched, sickened, as CNN did its best to excite fear of Palin's religious beliefs...The media's bigotry toward her tells us far more about the political biases and snobbery of journalists that it does about Sen. John McCain's running mate." (New York Post. 9/11/08. "Why Our Elites Fear Faith" by Ralph Peters.)

Editor's Comment: Preach on, Ralphie!