Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Paladin of Christian Fascism?

"In the Christian Right's war on knowledge and critical thinking, Sarah 'Paladin' Palin has some other medieval 'educational' ideas to go along with banning books. She wants creationism taught in public school science classes...The Paladin similarly has plans to resolve those pesky social issues of abortion and equal rights fo gay Americans. No abortions, no exceptions. Gays and lesbians are sinners...Palin's current church not only supports but promotes 'ex-gay' therapy programs...Sarah Palin is a young woman stuck in ever older times when religious dogma replaced critical thinking adn was used to promote ignorance, inflict pain and suffering, and justify discrimination and hate." (Online Journal. "Sarah Palin: The New Paladin of Christian Fascism" by Dr. Mel Seesholtz. 9/15/08.)

Editor's Comment: This article only goes to show that you can be a "doctor" and yet be an intellectual moron. Yes, doc, those "pesky issues" like killing over a million pre-born babies a year need to be confronted...really, how naughty of these political pro-lifers who want to restrain doctors from sucking the brains out of third trimester babies! How "ignorant" that some conservative politicians want to restrain male homosexuality that is spreading, according to the Center for Disease Control, over 90% of all HIV and perpetuating the AIDS epidemic. In a nation whoses motto is "In God We Trust," how "medieval" it is to at least want to discuss Creationism in this land of free speech. You want to talk about "hate?"...look at the radicals of gay groups like Code Pink or Lesbian Avengers and then tell me who is intolerant. In actuality, Dr. Mel's whole article smacks of "fascism and logicide!"