National Alliance Against Christian Discrimination
"Protecting and Promoting the Christian Faith and Our Religious Heritage."

NAACD Focal Points:

The NAACD is concerned about the following venues that have shown an escalating amount of Christian bias and hostility towards Christianity:

  • Hollywood (movie & television producers, actors, etc.)
  • Printed Media (newspapers, magazines)
  • Electronic Media (TV, radio, music, etc.)
  • Schools (primary & secondary teachers, officials, principals, superintendents, etc.)
  • Colleges (professors, administration)
  • Judges (revisionists, liberal elitists, activists)
  • Political Officials (U.S. House & Senate, the White House, state officials & legislatures)
  • Corporations/Companies (anti-christian statements, themes, or policies)
  • Local Leadership (Governors, mayors, city council, county commissioners, other city officials, police dept., library trustees, etc.)
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