National Alliance Against Christian Discrimination
"Protecting and Promoting the Christian Faith and Our Religious Heritage."


The principal objective of the NAACD is to ensure social, legal, educational, religious, and political equality among the Christian citizens of the United States. This is in accordance with the original intent and interpretation of the First Amendment.

Our country was founded upon Christian principles and the Judeo-Christian ethic. The National Alliance Against Christian Discrimination is committed to coordinate, educate, and motivate concerned Christians and citizens to speak up and speak out concerning their religious rights and heritage.

The continual slide toward total secularism must be restrained. The misinterpreted "separation of church and state" has become the "separation of church from state." Our country will only remain as strong as our religious freedoms. Therefore, we want to motivate people of faith to be voices in our land who will confront this cultural opposition - with the hopes of sensitizing the conscience of America again and pointing us towards a moral nation.

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