Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Whoopi Goldberg's View

When I'm feeling sick and need to throw up, one of the shows I turn on is "The View." Those leftist women truly help me in removing poisons from my stomach...but unfortunately, they raise my blood pressure. Most of them hyperventilate over anything conservative, traditional, and especially Christian. These "ladies" had a chance to interview Senator John McCain during the month of September. Among their verbal pile up and liberal diarrhea of the mouth, Whoopi Goldberg asked John McCain:

"So if you believe in the separation of church and state, did it not giv eyou a moment of pause that Sarah Palin does not have the same beliefs as you do about these things?" (The View. September 2008. Question asked by Goldberg in an interview with Senator John McCain)

So now it appears that Whoopi is a Constitutional scholar and takes a presidential candidate to task about the First Amendment. Oh, by the way Whoopi, your interpretation of the First Amendment is a liberal, revisionist, distorted piece of secular claptrap. Why does Whoopi and others get their knickers all knotted up about people like Sarah Palin?...BECAUSE we seek God's guidance in governing as actually believe the Bible. Remember?..."God Bless America." For right now, but that may change, it's not a crime to pray to God or believe the principles of the Bible on which this nation of ours was founded.