Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Charlie Gibson's Religious Ambush Question

"Liberals persist in displaying their misapprehension that Christian politicians, by virtue of their faith, are theocrats and cannot serve without discriminating against non-Christians. ABD's Charlie Gibson approached it from a different angle, trying to paint Palin as a theocrat who believes we are fighting a 'holy war' in Iraq. Despite Gibson's smug assertion that he was reciting Palin's 'exact words,' he specifically omitted key words and completely twisted her meaning. He misrepresented Palin's exhortation that we pray for our troops and pray that they are doing God's work as an affirmative statement that they are doing God's work." (WorldNetDaily. 9/16/08. "Those Theocrats JFK, LBJ and Clinton: The Media's Double Standard on the Issue of Praying Politicians" by David Limbaugh)

Editor's Note: I saw that interview with Charlie Gibson. While I've liked him as an interviewer in the past, he really tried to ambush Palin with her supposed "God-talk" and he totally twisted the meaning to the point where I felt it was discriminatory. But alas, the liberal media in the days to come will intensify the heat and demonizing of Bible believers, evangelicals and conservative Christians. Even though some banks are starting to fail, you can take this commentary to the bank!