Sunday, September 21, 2008

A "Prayer" Pokes Fun at Palin

"Get a room full of Democrats, and they can't resist poking fun at Sarah Palin. At the Broward Democratic Party's monthly meeting recently, it started right at the beginning - with the invocation, delivered by Mike Moskowitz, the state committeeman for the county. He called for a 'blessing on the elk and moose in Alaska who have been decimated by Sarah Barracuda' and included a prayer that Palin doesn't turn her sights on the squirrels in Washington, D.C. 'We pray that her journey takes her across the bridge to nowhere,' he said." (South Florida Sun Sentinel. 9/20/08. "Broward Democrats Poke Fun at Sarah Palin" by Anthony Man.)

Editor's Comment: The God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac, does not take kindly to mocking prayer of that sort nor does He take it lightly. Those Democrats should have been ashamed of that religious sham...but I'm finding out that shame is not high on their values list.