Sunday, October 05, 2008

Am I Getting Too Political?...Partisan or Moral Guidance

What are some of the guidelines that I look for when I vote for a candidate, a political party or a party’s platform? First and foremost, I have a conservative Christian worldview and I place it up against whoever or whatever is promoting their views.

For instance, I will not vote for a candidate or a political party IF

…The major TV networks and media outlets (newspapers, magazines) are leaning toward this party or fawning over the candidate. (The media - except for most radio talk show hosts and FOX news - is liberal in their ideology.)

Hollywood and most of its “stars” (actors and actresses) support this candidate or party. (Hollywood elitists are the bastion of political leftism.)

…A good number of Muslim countries support or speak highly of the candidate. (I mean, really, think about this and shudder!)

…A number of communist or totalitarian governments (China, Russia, North Korea) think the candidate would make a good President. (Ummmm, this should be self-explanatory, too!)

…Radical feminist groups and abortion rights organizations support this candidate. (If the candidate doesn’t know or admit to when life begins, furgettabouthim!)

…Activist homosexual groups support this candidate or party. (Can you say, “Johnny has two Daddies?”)

Atheists, Free Thinkers, secularists, humanists, agnostics, and the like, support this person. (Our country’s motto is “In God We Trust” - so I’d be very suspicious of a candidate who is backed by these unbelievers.)

Pornographers and smut peddlers favor this person or party because they think they can advance their moral pollution because of a “relaxed” First Amendment interpretation. (Be afraid, be very afraid of this view.)

…the legal community who agrees with the candidate that true, Constitutional, Supreme Court justices must not prevail in the new presidential term. (Most liberals believe the Constitution is “living and breathing” and thus judges can and should liberally legislate law from the bench instead of interpreting it – except if you are a conservative.)

...the anti-American groups are behind this candidate like: MoveOn.Org, the American Civil Liberties Union, People for the American Way, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, etc. (It irritates me that many of these leftist groups even have the word “American” in their title!)

Now, there are times when a candidate or political party violates one to two of my core beliefs. But, when the majority of the issues I just mentioned are active for that candidate or party, I turn my back to him or her or it. When we vote in this election, what is going to be our standard or plumb line or worldview? Which of these groups supports what candidate or party?

(Rev. Tom Pedigo. American Family Association of Colorado State Director. The Salt Factor Newsletter. September 2008.)