Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cartoonist Mocks Palin's Beliefs

"The most widely syndicated political cartoonist in the world took aim at GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin recently, not for her politics, but for her faith. Cartoonist Pat Oliphant mocked Palin by depicting her 'speaking in tongues,' a believed spiritual prayer language somtiems practiced by members of Pentecostal and charimsatic congregations, such as Palin's former Assemblies of God church. In the cartoon, published on depicts God responding to Palin's prayer language by saying, 'All I can hear is some damn right-wing politician spouting gibberish.'" (WorldNetDaily. 9/21/08. "Cartoon Mocks Palin's Faith.")

Editor's Note: By the way, Sarah Palin, by her own confession to Sean Hannity, said that she has never experienced speaking in tongues or a "prayer language." But hey, don't let the truth stop the Christian persecution from the Leftists! This political hack of a supposed cartoonist for the liberal front has insulted multiple thousands of sincere Christians who believe in the Acts 2 and I Cor. 14 experience. The devil really hates Spirit-filled believers.