Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cartoonist Mocks Palin's Beliefs

"The most widely syndicated political cartoonist in the world took aim at GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin recently, not for her politics, but for her faith. Cartoonist Pat Oliphant mocked Palin by depicting her 'speaking in tongues,' a believed spiritual prayer language somtiems practiced by members of Pentecostal and charimsatic congregations, such as Palin's former Assemblies of God church. In the cartoon, published on depicts God responding to Palin's prayer language by saying, 'All I can hear is some damn right-wing politician spouting gibberish.'" (WorldNetDaily. 9/21/08. "Cartoon Mocks Palin's Faith.")

Editor's Note: By the way, Sarah Palin, by her own confession to Sean Hannity, said that she has never experienced speaking in tongues or a "prayer language." But hey, don't let the truth stop the Christian persecution from the Leftists! This political hack of a supposed cartoonist for the liberal front has insulted multiple thousands of sincere Christians who believe in the Acts 2 and I Cor. 14 experience. The devil really hates Spirit-filled believers.

A "Prayer" Pokes Fun at Palin

"Get a room full of Democrats, and they can't resist poking fun at Sarah Palin. At the Broward Democratic Party's monthly meeting recently, it started right at the beginning - with the invocation, delivered by Mike Moskowitz, the state committeeman for the county. He called for a 'blessing on the elk and moose in Alaska who have been decimated by Sarah Barracuda' and included a prayer that Palin doesn't turn her sights on the squirrels in Washington, D.C. 'We pray that her journey takes her across the bridge to nowhere,' he said." (South Florida Sun Sentinel. 9/20/08. "Broward Democrats Poke Fun at Sarah Palin" by Anthony Man.)

Editor's Comment: The God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac, does not take kindly to mocking prayer of that sort nor does He take it lightly. Those Democrats should have been ashamed of that religious sham...but I'm finding out that shame is not high on their values list.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Charlie Gibson's Religious Ambush Question

"Liberals persist in displaying their misapprehension that Christian politicians, by virtue of their faith, are theocrats and cannot serve without discriminating against non-Christians. ABD's Charlie Gibson approached it from a different angle, trying to paint Palin as a theocrat who believes we are fighting a 'holy war' in Iraq. Despite Gibson's smug assertion that he was reciting Palin's 'exact words,' he specifically omitted key words and completely twisted her meaning. He misrepresented Palin's exhortation that we pray for our troops and pray that they are doing God's work as an affirmative statement that they are doing God's work." (WorldNetDaily. 9/16/08. "Those Theocrats JFK, LBJ and Clinton: The Media's Double Standard on the Issue of Praying Politicians" by David Limbaugh)

Editor's Note: I saw that interview with Charlie Gibson. While I've liked him as an interviewer in the past, he really tried to ambush Palin with her supposed "God-talk" and he totally twisted the meaning to the point where I felt it was discriminatory. But alas, the liberal media in the days to come will intensify the heat and demonizing of Bible believers, evangelicals and conservative Christians. Even though some banks are starting to fail, you can take this commentary to the bank!

Whoopi Goldberg's View

When I'm feeling sick and need to throw up, one of the shows I turn on is "The View." Those leftist women truly help me in removing poisons from my stomach...but unfortunately, they raise my blood pressure. Most of them hyperventilate over anything conservative, traditional, and especially Christian. These "ladies" had a chance to interview Senator John McCain during the month of September. Among their verbal pile up and liberal diarrhea of the mouth, Whoopi Goldberg asked John McCain:

"So if you believe in the separation of church and state, did it not giv eyou a moment of pause that Sarah Palin does not have the same beliefs as you do about these things?" (The View. September 2008. Question asked by Goldberg in an interview with Senator John McCain)

So now it appears that Whoopi is a Constitutional scholar and takes a presidential candidate to task about the First Amendment. Oh, by the way Whoopi, your interpretation of the First Amendment is a liberal, revisionist, distorted piece of secular claptrap. Why does Whoopi and others get their knickers all knotted up about people like Sarah Palin?...BECAUSE we seek God's guidance in governing as actually believe the Bible. Remember?..."God Bless America." For right now, but that may change, it's not a crime to pray to God or believe the principles of the Bible on which this nation of ours was founded.

Senator Joe Biden's Unrealized View

"We have too many elites in our party who look down theri nose on people of faith...that's a big problem with my party." (Senator Joe Biden)

Daivd Limbaugh Commentary: "You can say that again, Joe. But next time, you ought to try listening to your own words instead of just talking to hear your head rattle. If Biden was sincere, why won't he take issue with liberals in the media and elsewhere who routinely demonstrate their contempt for Christians?" (WorldNetDaily. 9/16/09.)

Christian Conservative = Radical Supremacist?

"There is no evidence that Palin was ever affiliated with white-supremacist groups during her years in Idaho or at home in Alaska. On the other hand, the beliefs of ultraconservative, evangelical churches like her family's come dangerously close to those of the Christian Identity movement of those years." ( 9/14/08. "Intolerance Thrives in Palin's Pacific Northwest" by Catherine McNicol Stock. Chair of the history department at Conneccticut College and author of "Rural Radicals: Righteous Rage in the American Grain.")

Editor's Comment: This article excerpt only goes to show that you can be a college professor and author and still sound like an elitist idiot. Of course, Ms. McNicol, let's conjection that Sarah belongs to the KKK or some other Aryan group because she attends a Bible-believing church. What an insult to the hundreds of Assembly of God churches and thousands of sincere Christians who attend those churches. Nothing like fear-mongering among the unchurched to try to brainwash them into believing that an "evangelical" church is "dangerously close" to a cultic offshoot. Professor, your research about Palin and logic about conservative churches is faulty, deceptive, and mean-spirited.

Paladin of Christian Fascism?

"In the Christian Right's war on knowledge and critical thinking, Sarah 'Paladin' Palin has some other medieval 'educational' ideas to go along with banning books. She wants creationism taught in public school science classes...The Paladin similarly has plans to resolve those pesky social issues of abortion and equal rights fo gay Americans. No abortions, no exceptions. Gays and lesbians are sinners...Palin's current church not only supports but promotes 'ex-gay' therapy programs...Sarah Palin is a young woman stuck in ever older times when religious dogma replaced critical thinking adn was used to promote ignorance, inflict pain and suffering, and justify discrimination and hate." (Online Journal. "Sarah Palin: The New Paladin of Christian Fascism" by Dr. Mel Seesholtz. 9/15/08.)

Editor's Comment: This article only goes to show that you can be a "doctor" and yet be an intellectual moron. Yes, doc, those "pesky issues" like killing over a million pre-born babies a year need to be confronted...really, how naughty of these political pro-lifers who want to restrain doctors from sucking the brains out of third trimester babies! How "ignorant" that some conservative politicians want to restrain male homosexuality that is spreading, according to the Center for Disease Control, over 90% of all HIV and perpetuating the AIDS epidemic. In a nation whoses motto is "In God We Trust," how "medieval" it is to at least want to discuss Creationism in this land of free speech. You want to talk about "hate?"...look at the radicals of gay groups like Code Pink or Lesbian Avengers and then tell me who is intolerant. In actuality, Dr. Mel's whole article smacks of "fascism and logicide!"

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ABC's Nightline Introduction

"Good evening. She's been described as charismatic, she is most definitely Christian." (After an introduction teasing the topics to be addressed in this news report, Martin Bashir curiously gave this description of Sarah Palin. Noel Sheppard. 9/12/08.)

Editor's Note: Why do you think the producers or this host felt this was both important and necessary to share with their viewers that she is "most definitely Christian?" Would they also say, "This person is most definitely a Jew?...or most definitely an atheist?" I think not.

Chicago Tribute Assessment

"Just as McCain's politics are largely shaped by his experience as a prisoner of war and Obama's by his embrace of his racial identity, Palin's approach has been shaped by her relationship with God. Palin sees her government work as paling in comparison to a greater mission." (Chicago Tribute. How Religion Guides Sarah Palin. Posted on 9/7/08/ by Jeralyn.

Editor's Note: While this commentary seems rather benign, it is an undermining, serious attack on Palin's Christian faith. The editorialist is framing her as a religious nutcake who is more interested in God than her political vocation. Hmmm...let's see, a person who actually loves God first and makes decisions based on a Higher Power. I hope this revival spreads to all of Washington D.C.!

New York Post Article

"Nothing in recent memory has driven home the divide between our self-appointed aristocracy and 'commoners' as sharply as the intelligentsia's rush to mock Gov. Sarah Palin's religious faith...the root of the left's dread of this happily married mother of five seems to be that she actually believes in God: How could anyone be that stupid?...Washington fears faith - even nominal believers inside the Beltway have been shaped by secular educations and secular caste values. Passionate faith is regarded as an embarrassment....Believers are mocked (if not too publicly at election time)...I disagree with Palin on a number of issues. But I believe in fairness. And I believe in freedom of religion for all who do not attempt to force their faith on others...but I can't accept the snotty condiscension of those who assume that faith is for dopes...I watched, sickened, as CNN did its best to excite fear of Palin's religious beliefs...The media's bigotry toward her tells us far more about the political biases and snobbery of journalists that it does about Sen. John McCain's running mate." (New York Post. 9/11/08. "Why Our Elites Fear Faith" by Ralph Peters.)

Editor's Comment: Preach on, Ralphie!

Open Season on Conservative Christians

Since the political entrance of Republican Vice-Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, the liberal media and leftist, Hollywood elitists have intensified their smear campaign. It's a scorched earth policy that entails, not just trying to destroy and undermine conservative ideology, but traditional Christian beliefs as well. It's driving the liberals absolutely nuts that there is a Bible-believing, pro-life, pro-traditional family, pro-Second Amendment woman running for a high office. It's their worst nightmare - that is, the conservative church movement, the religious right, and evangelicals are alive and well and have been waiting for the right candidate to support and promote their own Christian worldview. Sarah Palin represents a restraining force to the unbridled secularism and crazy liberal drift that our country has been experiencing. The devil does not like the fact that their is a Bible-believing, God-fearing, Jesus following woman that could ultimately influence our country for many years to come. Christians, be alert and sober...stand firm...the Enemy of our souls is going to launch an unprecedented attack on Christians in America. You can see the demonizing of believers and Christian discrimination taking place even now. Pray for wisdom and strength. (Tom Pedigo. Executive Director for the National Alliance Against Christian Discrimination. September 2008.)